Welcome to a new regular feature in the MPISCC Intercom…”DO YOU KNOW…?” .  Brought to you by MPISCC’s CONNECT Committee, we are here to help you maximize your MPI experience! Every issue we will feature a benefit available to you by just being an MPI member!  And before every monthly meeting, join your CONNECT team as they discuss the various tools and paths to achieve your career goals. And lest you think this is just for new members, it is NOT!  Many long-term MPI members may also not be aware of all the tools available to them.  So join us at MPISCC’s monthly meetings and let us show you the many ways you can be CONNECTed with MPISCC!

And when you aren’t sure where to go for that CONNECTion, reach out to your CONNECT committee and we will steer you in the right direction!

Clint Upchurch, Extraordinary Events  |  CONNECT Committee Chair 2016-2017

Morgan Smith, Entire Productions  |  CONNECT Committee Member 2016-2017

Increase Your ROI

DO YOU KNOW that joining MPI and volunteering as a Director, VP, or President will increase your ROI significantly more than if you just attend monthly meetings? Involvement with the organization strengthens the relationships with peers, keeps your name relevant in outreach material, and situates you as a thought leader within the group. Involvement with MPI can come in many forms, but the more involved one gets, the much more value one will get!

Go here to find information on how to volunteer.

MPI Community Directory

DO YOU KNOW that you have access to the entire International MPI Community Directory? Have you been struggling to find leads? Looking for a  vendor in a city you have never worked in before? Looking for educational meeting planning tools? Well – here you go!  http://www.mpiweb.org/Home  Just grab your MPI membership number and CONNECT away!

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