Find Your Fit

Greetings MPISCC Members!

As MPISCC’s 2016-2017 Board of Directors is successfully EVOLVING into their new roles, each Vice President, Director and Committee Chair is looking for member volunteers to assist with the variety of roles that are exceptionally vital to the success of our chapter. Our chapter depends on the commitment and dedication of our members to provide support, time and
energy at every level of role. If you have as little as one hour a month, MPISCC will be delighted to welcome you to our volunteer team.

MPI Global challenges us each year with a Membership Volunteer Goal of 25%. This means that over 150 volunteers of our 620+ members are needed to achieve this goal. Naturally, exceeding this goal of 25% member volunteer participation would be a huge win for our chapter.

Volunteering is a member benefit.

Volunteering personifies the belief that what you put into MPISCC directly correlates with what you get out of the organization.
Volunteering increases your exposure to other chapter members, allows you to learn new skills in a safe, non-threatening environment, and affords you the ability to EVOLVE, get out of your comfort zone and grow both personally
and professionally.

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If you talk to any one of our current or past Board members, the vast majority will surely rave about the benefits they received from volunteering for MPISCC. From professional development, to leadership skills, to public speaking, to marketing, and everything in between, MPISCC has something to offer everyone. If you love social media or fundraising, or want to try planning an event or working the registration desk for a program, we have a spot for you. We currently have volunteer openings and needs in each of our departments: Education, Membership, Finance, Communications and Leadership Development.

We have a spot for you! 

I can say, without a doubt, that we have chapter members who have secured new employment opportunities because of their involvement and  volunteerism with MPISCC. I am one such example, and I know there are others.

Make new connections, EVOLVE, volunteer as little or as much time as you can spare and have fun!  If you have questions about volunteer opportunities or want to talk about the benefits, please reach out to me or any one of the MPISCC board members. We would love to hear from you.

NIcole Newman, MPISCC 2016-2017 President