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Article guidelines:
Guest posts must fit within the topic range of the meetings industry. We will consider a broad range of topics including:
CMP and CMM training and preparation
Business Branding
Personal Branding
Event Design
State of the Industry
Event Technology (audio, visual, lighting)
Emerging Trends
Hiring and Human Resources
Work-Life Balance
Healthy Living
Goal Setting
Time Management
Digital Technology (apps, software, geofencing, etc.)
Risk Management
Properties and CVBs
Best Practices
Social Media
Social Responsibility
MPISCC Program and Event Recaps
MPI Event Recaps
Meetings Professionals Event Recaps.
Accepted Article Types: How-To, Tips, Best Practices, Q&A, Opinion, Link Lists, Reviews, Step-by-Step, Advice.
Articles should be fresh content, written specifically for our readers — who are meeting planners and produces, suppliers, educators. Refreshed and repurposed articles may be accepted. They will be vetted on Copyspace. 
Submission Format: Submit your article as a Word or Pages doc as an email attachment.
Article Length: 800-1,200 words
Articles should include a premise and a conclusion.
Include a reader call to action or “homework” at the end of the article to encourage comment responses.
Include a pull-quote suggestion. The Editor will decide if more than one is suggested.
Include a 2-3 sentence bio at the end of the article, a link to your blog or web site. Include up to 2 social links (Twitter, Facebook page, G+ page, LinkedIn, Instagram) OR 1 product link.
Include a high-resolution digital author photo, no smaller than 600px on the horizontal aspect. Photo should be vertical or portrait format.
Articles need to be proofread, edited and the information verified. 
Include no more than 3 external links in the body of the article.
Include 2-3 resources for further reading and study at the end of the article, with URLs.
Include a feature image, wide (horizontal or landscape) format, 800-1200px wide. 3:5 aspect ratio. You must have permission for (right to use) the image, either because you own the copyright, you purchased a license, or it is used under a Creative Commons (CC) license.
Images must be provided as attachments and not embedded in a Word doc, Pages doc or PDF.
Guest posts on InterCom may be republished elsewhere by the author.
Post formatting and final editing is determined by the editor.
Guest writers do not receive back-end access to InterCom’s CMS.

Guest writers retain the copyright to their articles.

Articles with spammy links will be rejected.

Guest writers are not compensated financially.

Questions? Ask the Editor.

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