Evolving Opportunities

Wow! It’s an honor to be selected to serve as the 2016/2017 Meeting Professionals International Southern California Chapter President. I am thankful, humbled and excited for the year ahead.  I am looking forward to working with an extremely talented and passionate board of directors, one that intends to serve the needs of our chapter members. After thoughtful consideration of feedback provided by our chapter needs assessment survey and the MPI Global survey, we are thrilled at the opportunity to provide a variety of networking opportunities and relevant educational opportunities.

Evolve Globally

Our theme for this year is EVOLVE. It is chosen for the evolution that our industry, chapter and professional lives have experienced over the past few years. Nothing in our industry looks the same today as it did 5 or 10 years ago. Our industry of today is an industry looking toward the future; innovating, adapting, exploring and connecting. We are doing business differently, more thoughtfully and more strategically. The need for strong relationships and mutual communication has never been stronger or in more dire need. Our industry, much like every aspect of our lives is “on demand.” We have evolved and are working smarter, harder and faster. The organizations we work for have evolved, been downsized, acquired and/or expanded, all in a short span of time.

Evolve Locally

Closer to home, our chapter is evolving. We are listening to the needs of you, our members, through your comments and feedback from the MPI Global survey and our chapter needs assessment survey.  We are taking your feedback to heart and adjusting our strategic plan to meet your needs. We are determined to provide a variety of networking opportunities and relevant educational offerings. Our communication strategies are evolving to meet your needs while not overwhelming you with too much MPISCC information.

Evolve Individually

And finally, our individual needs and circumstances have evolved, both professionally and personally. As individuals, we are seeking opportunities within our companies that provide more flexibility, individuality, growth and inclusion. We want our leaders to be mentors, to inspire us and to challenge us to evolve and grow. We want to be part of the conversation, to have a seat at the table.  The millennial generation is showing us all that a work/life balance is more important today than ever before. We need to be present, in the moment, see the world around us, and try new things.

I look forward to a magnificent year and thank you for the opportunity to lead MPISCC and EVOLVE!

Nicole Newman Author