3 Ways the MPI Foundation Supports Our Members

MPI Foundation logo

The MPI Foundation helps MPI members achieve professional advancement, leadership and educational goals, and supports the vision and mission of MPI. There are 3 ways you, as an MPI member, benefit from the work of the Foundation: funding for educational pursuits, knowledge about the industry as a whole, and utilizing strategic professional relationships. Take advantage of what the Foundation offers you. Begin by clicking the links below:

1. The MPI Foundation Gives Grants and Scholarships to MPI Members

One of the MPI Foundation’s core services is to administer and award grants and scholarships. Did you know that there are over 30 scholarships available at any time in the categories of membership, professional development, conference attendance and academia? In many cases, these scholarships are never taken advantage of by MPI members. So the next time you are looking to attend an MPI conference, or considering securing your CMP or CMM designation, look to the MPI Foundation for support and help. Visit the MPI website for more information.

2. The MPI Foundation Publishes Industry Research

So where do all of the MPI Foundation dollars go to? In addition to administering annual grants and scholarships, the Foundation also supports industry research. Each year the Foundation produces a variety of white papers and research studies on the following topics:

  • The Business of Meetings
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Future of Meetings
  • Meeting Design
  • Hybrid Meetings
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Strategic Meetings Management

All of this valuable industry information is available to you and your organization at no charge, thanks to the MPI Foundation.  Click here to learn more.

3. The MPI Foundation Gives Back Through Its Affinity Program

The MPI Foundation partners with several organizations to create an affinity program designed to give back to the meeting and event industry. By purchasing products and services from these strategic partners, a portion of the proceeds goes towards the MPI Foundation Endowment.

So support the following organizations in the true spirit of “Buy MPI”:

  • One Hope
  • Calamity Gym
  • CIBTvisas
  • Green Key Meetings
  • Giant Enterprises

Visit the MPI Foundation website for more information.