Lead a CMP Study Group

Engage, encourage and exhort meeting planners to achieve more. Become a CMP Study Group Facilitator! MPISCC offers study groups in the fall and spring. Group members study together under the leadership of facilitators to prepare for the CMP exam. Facilitating a study group is only a 10-week commitment, but the rewards are forever. Facilitating a study […]

The Role of the Mentor

Sometimes we hear a quote that puts everything in perspective. A favorite one of mine is, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Perhaps, in our industry of meeting, event and hospitality professionals, it takes a village to continually inspire our colleagues. Let’s be honest – nothing is easy these days; particularly, if we try […]

Take the Lead Your Way

Make the investment in your personal satisfaction and professional development. Every day we have opportunities to be a leader in our family units, our social circles and our professional lives. But what does being a leader look like? I believe it looks different to everyone. This is what the ideal looks like to me: using […]


NOTES FROM THE 2015-2016 BOARD RETREAT Twice each year the MPISCC Board of Directors gets together for an overnight retreat to review the past year, current year and the future of the chapter. The first retreat of the year happens just prior to the new board installation. At times, the focus may be on interacting […]

Passion In The Workplace

Do what you love. Do the job that your heart and soul speak to you about.  This industry is all about people and service. We help others. We make MAGIC happen.   I think it’s safe to say that we all have one constant thing in common. We are collectively a “work in progress.” We have […]