Creating A Lasting Legacy

I am humbled, honored and privileged to be your President this year,  and am excited for this opportunity to share the Board of Directors’ plans, to  benefit you, our members, and our chapter in the year ahead.

For the past 18 months, our facilitator, Tara Liashenko, would kick off our board retreats with the question, “What is our legacy as chapter leaders?” Her answer was always, “To leave the chapter stronger and better than when we started.” This resonated in me and was a question that I would often ask myself as I prepared for this role.

Tara’s motivating mantra, tied in with the thoughts of my cumulative experience with MPI, all of the lessons learned from Past Presidents with whom I had the pleasure to serve, and the foundation that those leaders built, became the basis of our leadership theme—simply put—our Legacy.

In building the Legacy of the 2015/2016 Board of Directors, our first goal is to create and better communicate our value in order to recruit, retain and engage members:

Our focus will be on personalizing the member experience by creating additional value and benefits.

Thanks to member feedback requests, we are planning more networking opportunities for the coming year.

A Community Outreach program is to be developed that will address the needs of our diverse membership.

Our communications, sponsorships, and advertising opportunities will be enhanced to include social media packages.

We have revamped our board structure and nominations process to include more opportunities in which volunteers can serve.

Our second goal in securing our Legacy is to provide relevant, quality education and professional development opportunities to advance the meetings industry, as well as to promote

meetings industry advocacy.  Some examples already in the planning stages are:

A new educational program slated for February which will be a hybrid of our Weekend Educational Summit and EdCon;

Hosting our annual State of the Industry in conjunction with North American Meetings Industry Day (NAMID) in April;

An educational program in October specifically for our Senior Planner members;

In honor of our Past President, Beverly Laing, CMP, we are establishing the Beverly Laing Student Scholarship Fund where the qualified recipient will receive a one-year membership in MPISCC, and complimentary registration to monthly programs and events for the entire year;

Collaboration with our industry partners on the Meetings Mean Business and Meetings Move Us Forward campaigns and initiatives is imperative for our industry, and we want to make sure we continue to actively strive to do our part.

And our final goal is to add to our Chapter’s current financial reserve, further strengthening our ability to weather the storms that may come in the future. The Board has budgeted to put money back into our reserve account this year to ensure that the legacy of MPISCC endures.

We’re hoping that these initiatives leave the chapter stronger and better than when we started and hope that you will join us as we create a lasting legacy for MPISCC.

Thank you,

Mariles Krok, CMP

Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board

2015/2016 MPISCC President