Lead a CMP Study Group

Engage, encourage and exhort meeting planners to achieve more. Become a CMP Study Group Facilitator!

MPISCC offers study groups in the fall and spring. Group members study together under the leadership of facilitators to prepare for the CMP exam.

Facilitating a study group is only a 10-week commitment, but the rewards are forever. Facilitating a study group allows you to mentor fellow meetings pros and help shape the industry. It allows you to participate in the industry in a meaningful way.

5 Top Reasons you should become a CMP Study Group Facilitator

You will have a positive influence on the lives of others. This leads to a sense of pride in your own work and satisfaction through helping others.

You will create new ideas. Working with others as a leader provides you with more ideas than what you can come up with. The people you lead and teach will share their ideas with you in the process.

You will make more connections within your industry. The members of your study group have connections and will be comfortable in introducing you to them.

Because you can. No prior teaching experience is required.

Each study group session is a short 10-week commitment.

To find out more, please contact Shelley Grey, MPISCC 2015-2016 Vice President of Education




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