The Life-Changing Impact Of A Virtual Mentor

As I sat watching the ball drop on TV at the stroke of midnight on January 1st 2015, I made a resolution to find a way to live my life with a sense of purpose. As if a magic genie heard my silent thoughts or God heard my prayers, I received an ad in my Facebook timeline to register for a webinar on how to write a book. I thought, “Hey that’s what I need!” So I signed up for it, and that’s when Michael Hyatt became my virtual mentor.

A virtual mentor helps you work on a specific goal.

I think many of us have a desire to write a book with a message that impacts readers in such a way that it sparks life changes for them. We all have a book in us – but getting it written is a commitment that many of us just can’t seem to make. It is overwhelming because we don’t know how to navigate the experience. That first webinar, Getting Published, helped me understand how to get a publisher’s attention.

Then Hyatt shared a related webinar, The Busy Person’s Guide To Writing a Book, that shared the nuts and bolts of actually writing your book. I started writing a book and, by watching his webinars and reading his blog, I’ve discovered there is a difference between drifting through life and designing a life that allows me to live not only by a sense of purpose, but with intentionality.

Choose a virtual mentor you can connect with.

After each blog or webinar that piques my interests I actually write questions in the comments, and get a response from Hyatt – so engaging. He has branched out by adding social media and taking the stage at conferences to share his message of living your life with intentionality. His latest book, Living Forward, really tapped into my spiritual side and helped me understand that I am uniquely gifted with abilities to live with intention.

Sherry Hayes-Peirce in person with her virtual mentor, Michael Hyatt, at a recent conference.
Sherry Hayes-Peirce in person with her virtual mentor, Michael Hyatt, at a recent conference.

Choose a virtual mentor who provides content you can use.

As a baby boomer who came of age in the 1980s, I remember the speakers of the day: Stephen Covey, Zig Ziglar and “fire walking” Tony Robbins. These virtual mentors inspired us to become rich, powerful and productive by following the techniques they espoused in events keynotes. I observed how attendees responded with such excitement and enthusiasm for making changes or setting goals, it was infectious!

Choose a virtual mentor who follows up.

Today people want to be inspired more introspectively — more quietly. They want checklists, workbooks and links to virtual presentations so they can share or re-consume the information in their own space. Like a good sequel they want a follow-up video of what the next chapter in the process for them should look like. This is what mentors like Michael Hyatt do so well! In his recent webinar titled Three Questions That Will Change Your Life, I finally got it!

For me, the first step to designing a life with intentionality was to answer 3 questions:

  • How do you want to be remembered? The way to do this effectively is to think about what kind of legacy you want to leave. Writing a eulogy from the perspective of the people you love helps you do that.
  • What matters most to you? To discern this Hyatt suggests that you get your “Life Accounts” in order. There are three circles of life: being, relating and doing, and under each there are three points to consider to help you know what really matters.
  • How can you get from where you are now to where you want to be? You have to envision the future you want, the reality of where you are and make specific commitments to get it done!

A virtual mentor helps you make courageous changes.

The process of answering the three questions led me to end a long-standing contract with a client that provided 90% of my income so that I would have the time to focus on what matters most to me – using my time, talent and treasure with the intention of making changes that impact positively on the world. Fortunately, my spouse is on board with my new design for my life. We’ll have to make some lifestyle changes to allow me to bring my intention to reality.

At any career stage, just about everyone
needs a mentor.

For the past 6 years I was a contracted speaker with a seminar company that was still operating on the models of the 1980s. I would hear from attendees how they wanted more! The books in the back of the room were not enough. They were willing to pay to have a copy of my presentation. And if I had a book with quick guide, easy tips for… in the title, or a downloadable checklist – sold!

Give credit to your virtual mentor.

The last thing that I want to share from my virtual mentor is the power of the podcast and giving credit to those who have helped you to be successful. When people asked him how do you consistently end up in the top ten in the business category on  iTunes, Hyatt said he learned everything from 4 Reasons Why You Should Podcast by Cliff Ravenscraft, aka The Podcast Answer Man.

So maybe Michael Hyatt isn’t the kind of virtual mentor you’re looking for, There’s a great Forbes article about the burgeoning industry of virtual mentorship. There’s even a website called PivotPlanet to help you find someone to help mentor you with your personal or professional life journey. To view the podcasts and webinars of Michael Hyatt to gain tips for living with intentionality, visit his YouTube channel.

Sherry Hayes-Peirce is an internationally known speaker and blogger on social media topics. She is founder of CEO Communication Consultants Inc., and its subsidiary companies Social Media Mobile Maven and Church Social Tips. She is a guest lecturer through UCI Extension.