Member Spotlight: Ron Havens, CMP, CMM

Get to know Ron Havens, CMP, CMM. Ron was the recipient of MPISCC’s Lois K. Hauser Award at its annual gala in June 2017. He’s been a member of MPI for almost 2 decades and has served in a variety of roles include committee chairperson. Ron took a few moments to share how he values being a volunteer, and passes on some advice for fellow members.

What is your current professional role or position? What types of clients do you serve? 

I am currently a Sr. Meeting Planner and Group Events Specialist working as an Independent Contractor mostly for corporate clients.  I provide complete meeting and event planning assistance and any ad-hoc services as needed.

How long have you been an MPI member?

I have been a member with M.P.I. since 24 August, 1999. 18 years.


[MPI] has been an invaluable investment in my career. 


What was the experience or motivating factor that compelled you to join MPI? Was there someone in particular who influenced you to join? 

After investigating the various organizations available, I joined MPI and continue to be a member because MPI has, since day one, provided me with opportunities to learn, connect and engage with others, practice, and enhance my skills as a professional meeting and event planner.  It has been an invaluable investment in my career. 

How do you utilize your MPISCC relationships to support your work?

Through MPISCC committee work and other chapter interaction, I have met and worked with other members who have helped me in my career.  I have gained a wealth of professional opportunities and connections through those relationships with other members, and really learned from them and how they work.


Get out of your comfort zone occasionally, take chances, and do things differently,
and you will grow in so many ways you never thought you could or would.


How has MPISCC contributed to your leadership skills and experience?

As an MPISCC committee chairperson, I have exercised my leadership skills and gained experience to improve those skills by working with other members to accomplish committee tasks and goals.  These experiences have taught me how to be a better leader in my professional career. 

What 3 business/professional tips can you share with fellow members?

  1. Enjoy and be happy about what you do. I once heard that “you spend a lot of time doing what you do, so you better enjoy doing it.  If not, then change”!  I believe that is so important and is reflected in what one does and overall, the quality and enjoyment of one’s life.
  2. Partner with others, be they your clients, your providers, co-workers, bosses, or whomever.  Work with and for the benefit of everyone (including yourself), not separately or against anyone. It should never be a “me against them”, or a “to my benefit but not theirs” mentality, but rather “we’re all in this together”.  Selfishness never pays off and, in the end, that kind of karma’s a bitch!
  3. Keep evolving and learning. Learn to take set-backs as valuable learning experiences, and always look for better ways to do what you do.  Learn to be solution-conscious instead of focusing on being problem-conscious.  Get out of your comfort zone occasionally, take chances, and do things differently, and you will grow in so many ways you never thought you could or would.           

What do you do in your leisure time?

In my leisure time, I love to spend time with my family, especially my husband, going anywhere and everywhere. We enjoy traveling, trying new restaurants, attending public parades and festivals. I also enjoy working on personal projects on the computer, watching movies, and relaxing at home. 

A Fun Fact about Ron

When I was a child, I had a love and a passion for the ocean and all creatures related. I even decided, at 10 years old, that I was going to create a unique new profession as a “marine psycho-biologist” — to study and be the Dr. Doolittle/Jacques Cousteau of my generation — to walk with, talk with, and understand all sea creatures great and small. That changed when I learned of the extensive educational requirements, the seeming shortage of opportunities in the field, and the lack of financial ROI.  I also got very ill visiting a fishing cannery and decided then that Jacques would have to sail the Seven Seas without me. I still love the ocean and enjoy learning about sea creatures, but now I much prefer observing them at Sea World or at the beach.