we are heroes

We Are Heroes

I had been all set to sit down and write a post on insurance and risk management planning. But then I thought with the holiday season, I wanted to focus on something positive. Something that has been coming to my mind more and more as I’ve been interacting with other event producers – stories of heroism. […]

Emergency and Disaster Preparation for Events

One of the benefits of planning for emergencies and disaster situations shows professionalism. Thinking through an array of possibilities and contingencies is taking responsibility for all participants. Disasters range from an illness affecting your staff to an earthquake or terror attack happening during, at or near your event. There is no single answer for any event’s needs and […]

Facilitating Education

Education is a primary component of MPI membership. The SoCal Chapter provides a variety of opportunities for its members to develop knowledge and skill, from CMP certification study groups to monthly educational programs and more. To encourage members in their professional education pursuits, MPISCC established a scholarship to honor long-time member and past president, Gary […]