OUR Legacy

Hello, MPISCC, Looking back on the past year and all that was accomplished, I am overcome with so much emotion and pride! This has been a year of transition and change—some small changes, some not so small, but necessary — as we continue to evolve, grow and develop our legacy for the future. I am so proud of […]

MPISCC Recognizes Its Shining Stars

Every quarter, MPISCC recognizes outstanding members who have contributed significantly to their teams and committees. Our most recent group of Shining Stars was recognized during the October networking and program at the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica, CA. They were: Russell Harris (not pictured), Jon Michaels, Veronica Puleo and Clint Upchurch. Akemi Shapiro presented the […]

Take the Lead Your Way

Make the investment in your personal satisfaction and professional development. Every day we have opportunities to be a leader in our family units, our social circles and our professional lives. But what does being a leader look like? I believe it looks different to everyone. This is what the ideal looks like to me: using […]