You: Version 2.0

Growing up, there was a general assumption that learning happens in books and classrooms with teachers. The flow of information streamed from educators down to us on a continual basis. For the most part, education was a one-way process. They talked, we listened.

Cut to today. We are adults who work in an industry that requires us to be experts at detailed planning, coordinating minor to massive events, while also being in-tune and aware of trends in technology, CSR, food and beverage, entertainment, branding, marketing and dozens of other fields.

Many of us joined MPI to help stay up-to-date and navigate the twists and turns of this unique profession. One of the biggest and best benefits of membership is the privilege to volunteer. Volunteering with MPI turns the one-way educational process on its head. When we stand up to help with the inner workings of the chapter, we learn from each other. The interactions that are created help us become better, bigger, smarter and more connected.

Volunteering with MPI turns the one-way educational process on its head.

I can attest to the truth in these statements based on my experience over the last decade in our chapter. I joined MPI in the year 2000 and sat in the corner for almost five years before someone asked me to get involved and volunteer. That one question changed my entire experience with the chapter. I made friends, I learned better teamwork and communication skills. I became less shy and more sure of my own voice. Frankly, I became a better version of myself.

The chapter will be promoting the opportunity to serve in a number of volunteer leadership positions. Consider submitting an application. You might not think that you are ready, but you are. And the good news is, if you truly are not ready, that’s okay too.

Submitting an application is an investment in you. You will learn and you will teach. You will reach and you will grow. You will be a better version of yourself. You: Version 2.0.

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